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Alma’s advice,

a guide to taking your bra measurements.

It is best to take measurements twice a year. A woman’s body changes through sport, diet, weight loss and gains… Our bra size is not the same all year round!

How to measure

  • The bust: Place and wrap a soft measuring tape around the fullest part of your bust which is your nipples.
  • Under the bust, or chest:  Wrap the measuring tape as high up under your breasts, which should be level and snug.
  • By cross referencing the two measurements of bust and chest, the data indicates the size and cup of the bra to choose.

Please refer to Aima Dora’s size guide each on the product page.

The bra stretches! When this happens, we adjust the middle clip, we adjust the shoulder straps for the correct lift, and we check that the back of the bra is straight and that the bra sits properly between the breasts.


Which Aima Dora style for which bust?

We have one goal – that your lingerie makes you even more beautiful while offering you an elegant comfort!

  • For small breasts: bandeau (Bois Cherie), triangle (Esprit des iles, Alizé, Dis moi, Fleur de cotton) push up (Hibiscus, Tana)
  • For generous breasts: classic underwired models (Alizé, Bois Cherie, Hibiscus, Fleur de Cotton, Esprit des iles)


For slip, mini slip, tanga, shorty… What model for which hips and buttocks?

Comfort and chic must be your allies!
We measure the circumference of the hips at the widest point.
We refer to Aima Dora table of measures

And if we are between 2 sizes, we take the one above.

  • Round Hips and thighs: full panties, thong, tanga
  • Fine hips: everything is allowed
  • Bouncy buttocks: everything is allowed
  • Flat buttocks: No thong, rather opt for a panty, either low or high waist
  • A little belly: no low waist pantie

Of course you can get in touch with me for any further questions.